Xiang Li
Chief Physician
PhD Tutor

1. Perioperative management of complex surgeries such as critical and severe surgeries, major cardiovascular surgeries, liver transplantation surgeries, etc.;

2. Diagnosis and treatment of various sleep disorders and chronic pain, including ultrasound-guided stellate ganglion block and other specialized anesthesiology treatment techniques.


Member of the Communist Party of China, Anesthesiology Doctor, Chief Physician, Doctoral Supervisor, Postdoctoral Mentor.

Position: Secretary of the First Party Branch of the Surgical Anesthesia Center Faculty and Staff, Assistant to the Hospital Director of the Zhaoqing Hospital Area

Academic Profile: Hosted 2 National Natural Science Foundation projects and 4 provincial and ministerial-level funds; published more than 20 papers in domestic and foreign journals as the first or corresponding author, including 18 high-level papers; obtained 1 national invention patent authorization, 3 utility model patents, and 1 software copyright as the first inventor (copyright holder). Engaged in anesthesia, pain, and sleep treatment for many years, dedicated to the study of neuromodulation mechanisms in the field of anesthesia, pain, and sleep.

Positions in Academic Organizations: Member of the Guangdong Provincial Physicians Association Pain Physicians Branch, Member of the Guangdong Provincial Medical Association Pain Medicine Branch Clinical Basic Translational Medicine Group, Standing Committee Member of the Guangdong Provincial Grassroots Medical Association Anesthesiology Professional Committee, Member of the Guangdong Provincial Clinical Medical Association Anesthesiology Professional Committee, Member of the Guangdong Provincial Precision Medicine Application Association Precision Anesthesia Branch, Vice Chairman of the Zhaoqing Physicians Association Anesthesiologists Branch, Member of the Guangzhou Medical Association Medical Malpractice Technical Appraisal Expert Database, Young Editorial Board Member of "Anesthesiology", Reviewer for multiple high-level journals abroad.