The Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University focused on creating high-level scientific research base and high-quality academic platform. It has 9 departments with the qualification of national drug clinical trials, 1 National Engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education, 3 provincial key Laboratories, 4 provincial Clinical Research Center, 2 Clinical and Translational Medicine Research Center of Guangzhou Municipality.The hospital is the sponsor of many national medical journal, such as "Liver Research", "New Medicine", "Organ Transplant", "Chinese Journal of Endoscopic Urology (electronic version)", and "Chinese Liver Surgery Electronic Journal ".What is more, it is worth noting that the hospital initiated the “1+3+4” key construction project, which means to establish 1 National Key Laboratory (liver disease), 3 platforms(clinical and translational medicine in the field of stem cell and regenerative medicine; clinical and translational medicine in the field of a immunology;Precision Medicine based on molecular diagnosis technology), 4 regional featured Medical Center (liver disease,autoimmune diseases, mental psychology and children's developmental behavior,metabolic diseases). Along with the implementation of the projects, the hospital hopes to accelerate its development speed for its long term goals ---“ To become national first class hospital, to reach the international standards and to strengthen its featured clinical disciplines ”.

Lab&Research Center

Research Field                

Key Lab&Research Center                

Liver Disease                

GuangDong   Provincial Key Laboratory Center of Liver Disease                

GuangDong   Provincial Research Center of Liver Transplantation                

GuangDong   Provincial Medical Research Center of Viral Hepatitis                

Guangzhou   Clinic Medical Research & Transformation Center of Liver Disease                

Sino-US   Research Center of Liver Cancer                

GuangDong   General University Key Lab Center of Biotherapy and Clinical Transformation   for Liver Disease                  

GuangDong   Provincial Research Center for Digestive Endoscopy                

Stem Cell                

GuangDong   Provincial Demonstration Base of Clinical Application and Transformation for   Stem Cell                

GuangDong   Provincial Research Center of Cell Therapy                

Guangzhou   Demonstration Base of ClinicalTransformation for Stem   Cell Technology                

Genetic Research                

Research   Center of Genetic Vaccination Project of Ministry of Education                

Guangzhou   Key Lab of Genetic Vaccination                

Molecular Research                

Lab of   Molecular Cell Biology                

GuangDong   Provincial Research Center of Molecular Imaging Technology                


GuangDong   Provincial Key Lab of Diabetic Prevention                

GuangDong   Provincial Research Center of Diabetic Prevention                

The Hospital Runs 5 National Medical Journal

The Hospital Initiated the “1+3+4” Key Construction Project